Die Zauberflöte

- project: Die Zauberflöte_2023
- partner: BOA Berlin
- venue: Alte Münze Berlin
Stage design and Media scenography for BOA, Berlin Opera Academy Festival.

Media scenography and director's vision is alchemy for “A Nursing/Retirement Home in the 1950s"
Transporting the audience back to a nursing home in the 1950s, media scenography has been carefully curated, from the cutting-edge AI visuals, the stage serves as a captivating portal to a bygone era.

The brilliance lies of AI in the fact that it feels both familiar and foreign, like a forgotten memory rekindled on stage. Sets this production apart is its ability to weave a cloak of disbelief suspension so finely that the audience becomes immersed in an environment they might encounter in their everyday lives.

Nothing exists, nothing is real, everything is fiction, blurring the boundaries between artificial intelligence and art.

Images and videos are made with an AI model trained by Overlapping studio. Using Automatic 1111, we created a model that takes as template, image init and it’s fed it with my drawings, sketches and renders to create images followed by prompts and based on my sketches.
After much time and work, we manage to create these surreal images and aesthetics.

Die Zauberflöte, Credits:
Production: Berlin Opera Academy Festival
Venue: Alte Münze Berlin
Musical direction: Carlos Spierer
Director: Susan Stone
Stage Design: Simone Serlenga
Video Design: Overlapping
Video Regie: Overlapping
Costumes: Maria Camorino Bua
Lighting: Steffen Hoppe
Photos: Detlef Kurth

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