Hänsel Und Gretel

- project: Hänsel Und Gretel
- production: BOA Berlin
- venue: Alte Münze Berlin

Stage Design and Video Design for Hansel & Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck into a dystopian adaptation.
For the BOA, Berlín Oper Academy Festival at Alte Münze Berlin.

Set now, an austere atmosphere, a very near future, close distance, almost dystopia.
A dystopian near future, the family home, colour scheme: white, black, grey, sepia, muted tones.

An open box acts as the family house. Greyscale dated scruffy curtains and table cloth hang limply. The props sit stark on the counter and table, the place feels scarce, dirty and cold. Lighting/projection: glowy wash lighting, the projection wall shows the landscape outside. Crumbled cities now dust or transformed into nuclear power sites. Foggy, sepia, toxic air, unusual clouds, toxic wasteland, electronic waste dressing. A warning sign for toxic waste, large metal bin is overflowing with waste, cables spill out and snake around the cubes infrastructure. Graffiti covers every surface.

The witches lair a futuristic science lab, white, black, neon shades; green, blue, red. Glowing with neon/uv.
A lab counter is jewelled by glowing colourful liquids in test tubes and glass jars. The neon pole lights turn red when the witch is put into the oven to represent the fire, smoke.

The projection Backdrop is smoke and Ink pouring into water In motion, ethereal, like a potion.

Oper Von Engelbert Humperdinck

31. August // 1. September // 1. September

Conductor: Lutz de Veer
Directors: Katrin Hilbe, James Dickinson
Stage Design: Simone Serlenga, Christie Eckersley, Francisca Armando, Lucia Amitrani, Rubi Butcher
Video Design: Simone Serlenga
Costumes: Jessica Farrel, Maru Camorino Bua
Photos: Detlef Kurth


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