Die Zauberflöte

- project: Die Zauberflöte_2023
- partner: BOA Berlin
- venue: Alte Münze Berlin
Stage design and Media scenography for BOA, Berlin Opera Academy Festival.

This Opera masterpiece takes the classic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice and turns it on its head with a satirical twist that's as entertaining as it is unconventional.

A Classical Aesthetic Reimagined
As the curtains rise, the audience is greeted with a sight straight out of classical antiquity. The characters, dressed in classical versions of themselves, stand like beautiful statues on the stage. The aesthetics are undeniably classical, setting the stage for an experience that fuses the ancient with the absurd.

A Parody of Myth and Public Opinion
At the heart of this opera is a parody of the ancient legend of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus, portrayed not as the son of Apollo but as a humble violin teacher, finds himself unexpectedly relieved when his wife, Eurydice, is kidnapped by Pluto, the god of the underworld. It takes the urging of public opinion to convince Orpheus to attempt her rescue, adding a comedic and satirical element to the narrative.

Images and videos are made with an AI model trained by Overlapping studio. Using Automatic 1111, we created a model that takes as template, image init and it’s fed it with my drawings, sketches and renders to create images followed by prompts and based on my sketches.
After much time and work, we manage to create these surreal images and aesthetics.

Orpheus in the Underworld:
Production: Berlin Opera Academy Festival
Venue: Alte Münze Berlin
Musical direction: Dominic Wheeler
Director: Nicholas Muni
Stage Design: Simone Serlenga
Video Design: Overlapping
Video Regie: Overlapping
Costumes: Maria Camorino Bua
Lighting: Steffen Hoppe
Photos: Detlef Kurth

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