- project: Videoambienti_01
- production: Plastique Fantastique
- venue: Kunstfabric Berlin

Walk-in video environment - Media Scenography - Large scale projection

A site-specific project created for Helsinki Design Week in collaboration with Plastique-Fantastique, to highlight and enhance a pneumatic structure with a panoramic video projection.

The installation embraced the metalworkers' statue in the center of Helsinki (Kolmen sepän aukio).
Large scale projections embrace the stucture around.

The project concept focusses on craftsmanship, the blacksmith, the human and the 'dirt'; industrial hard work.

Panorama screen surface:
location: M.22 length, M.3 height Berlin 28 August 2017

Videoambienti is an event series and platform of research that transforms select sites into immersive experiences in expanded cinema, sound, and new media installation.

In this series are selects artists, musicians, directors and technologists are invited to develop audiovisual experiences that explore fluidity as an aesthetic, conceptual, and contextual film of inquiry.

Media Scenography: Simone Serlenga
Film: What About
Production: Overlapping
Sound Design: Marco Barotti

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