ZKM Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe

- project: Schlosslichtspiele
- production: ZKM Karlsruhe 
- venue: Schloss Karlsruhe
Second prize for the Schlosslichtfestival Karlsruhe, a large-scale video projection project on a massive castle façade, organised by the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe).

Die Zauberflöte

- project: Die Zauberflöte
- partner: BOA Berlin
- venue: Alte Münze Berlin
Stage design and Media scenography for BOA, Berlin Opera Academy Festival.

A central stage layout 12x12m square-shaped configuration, the audience are located on the two sides of the stage, thus optimally facing the panoramic screen and enjoying the actors immersed in 180-degree canvas storytelling, as if subjects of an abstract painting.

Hänsel Und Gretel

- project: Hänsel Und Gretel
- production: BOA Berlin
- venue: Alte Münze Berlin

Stage design and Video design for Hansel & Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck into a dystopian adaptation.
For the BOA, Berlín Oper Academy Festival at Alte Münze Berlin.

Guerrilla Mapping

- project: Guerrilla Mapping
- production: Under Armour-Canada Goose
- venue: Berlin City
Guerrilla Mapping
Canada Goose
By Hendrik Henne Fritze
Berlin 05.19

Guerrilla Mapping around the city of Berlin, different locations and strategic surfaces to be projected on.


- project: Videoambienti_01
- production: Plastique Fantastique
- venue: Kunstfabric Berlin

Walk-in video environment - Media Scenography - Large scale projection

A site-specific project created for Helsinki Design Week in collaboration with Plastique-Fantastique, to highlight and enhance a pneumatic structure with a panoramic video projection.

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